Hoya console table

Hoya console table is the result of our client’s needs. Light, delicate and slender construction causes that you couldn’t pass by indifferently. It is more functional by Blum runners. Perfected to every detail, it is like a small piece of art.

Hoya II chair

Hoya II is an upholstered chair with a classic form, with a soft back and seat. Carefully selected proportions and a subtly shaped oak base make this project one of the most compact and visually light structures of this type.

Hoya shelving system

The HOYA shelving system gives you complete freedom in building your own furniture. Build a rack of any height and width, build a corner, arrange different levels. Place it against a wall or in the center of the room. HOYA is perfect as a bookcase or a place for tableware.

Hoya table

The Hoya table is the result of our arduous search for a light form made 100% of wood. In the maze of constructions based on powder coated steel, Hoya is definitely a niche project.

Hoya chair

Light and ergonomic. Beautiful all-around. Available with a choice of best fabrics.