The delicate and simple bookcase is the perfect complement to the table set with chairs. Shelf supports smoothly pass into further shelves. The furniture impresses with its light form despite the usement of solid oak or european walnut. The whole is handcrafted, like the rest of the furniture from the Flux collection.
Depending on the dimensions, the bookcase can be used as a home or office library, living room equipment or console.
The standard dimensions of the Flux bookcase are 25cm deep, 70, 100 or
150cm wide and 90cm high (3 shelves), each next shelf adds 38cm in height.

width: 70, 100, 150cm
shelf depth: 25cm
botom height: 15cm
one shelf adds 38cm height

OAK: 100% oak wood
WALNUT: 100% walnut wood
ASH: 100% ash wood

Natural oils and wax oils permissible for contact with food or for use in the production of children’s toys (according to EN1186 – 11/14) or (EN 71-3). Hydrophobic coating – stain-resistant and waterproof