I. Introductory information

A) The products are made of solid wood. This natural material tends to change its volume and shape under the influence of external factors - mainly fluctuations in air humidity.
The wood from which the furniture is made has undergone appropriate seasoning / drying processes, however, a normal and natural phenomenon is slight deformation of the boards and the surface of the table top or the appearance of small cracks.
The phenomena related to the work of wood may be intensified in a very dry (air-conditioned) room or in a room with increased humidity.
B) Each piece of furniture that leaves the Szyszka Design studio is unique. No two boards are of the same grain. Any imperfections such as natural discoloration, knots or cracks are a characteristic feature of the natural material wood and are not considered a product defect.
C) Under the influence of sunlight, wood can change its color, which is a natural process.
D) Raw steel elements give the furniture a unique character, however, when exposed to moisture, they will be covered with a rusty coating - the choice of unprotected, raw steel is the customer's decision and is not considered a product defect.
II. Furniture setting
A) Due to the work of wood (warping), avoid placing the furniture close to (less than 1m) any heat sources: fireplaces, heaters, etc.
B) The furniture should be placed on an even surface, because it may deform, adjusting to the unevenness of the ground.
C) If, after setting the table in its final place of use, it becomes necessary to level the slight unevenness of the floor or the piece of furniture, apply 2 layers of felt to the bottom of the leg or not stick it at all.
III. Use
A) The table top is covered with a hydrophobic coating that protects against water and allows easy removal of stains. If water or other liquid spills onto the countertop, they should be IMMEDIATELY removed using a paper towel or other absorbent material.
B) Do not clean the countertops by sprinkling them with plenty of water - exceptionally in the case of heavier dirt, you can wipe the countertop with a damp (not wet !!!) cloth.
C) We suggest using pads under hot or damp dishes - it will definitely extend the life of the furniture.
D) The expected load capacity of the table is 50 kg for the Hairpin table and extendable tables, and 100 kg for the others. The seller is not responsible for broken table elements caused by excessive load.
IV. Cleaning, maintenance and renovation
A) For cleaning and maintenance, we recommend OSMO brand products available from the Seller, at www.osmo.com.pl and from distributors.
B) From time to time, it is also worth carrying out another oiling treatment, because the wood gradually absorbs oil - the frequency of this treatment depends on the intensity of using the furniture. Detailed instructions on how to use the oil can be found in the document "table top care". We recommend that you purchase our care kit.
V. Liability of the Seller
The seller is not responsible for:
- defects caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Seller;
- defects resulting from improper use, upkeep and maintenance;
- damage and defects resulting from modification attempts made by the customer;
- damage caused by inadequate location of the product (on an unlevel ground, in the immediate vicinity of heating elements);
- color changes caused by exposure to solar radiation;
- damage caused by the use of chemicals;
- damage and deformation caused by placing hot, cold or heavy objects directly on the table surface;
- damage and defects caused by an inadequate level of air humidity in the room (it is recommended to maintain 45-60% humidity); this includes damage such as: cracks, crevices, plane changes, unevenness, warping;
- damage caused by prolonged contact with water;
- damage caused by inadequate transport by the customer himself, as well as by the courier company (in the event of damage by the courier company, complete the report with the courier);
- damage and defects that the customer became acquainted with when purchasing the product;
- changes resulting from everyday use;
- natural changes in the structure of the wood and its colors;
- natural anatomical elements of the wood structure (heartwood, sapwood, rays, rings, knots);
- patches and small defects proving the conscious styling of the furniture by the Seller, resulting, for example, from the technology of wood aging, joining components or resulting from the nature of the furniture made by hand;
- natural cavities;
- damage caused by excessive load on the table

All our products are covered with oil-wax, which requires periodic care. The frequency of care depends on the intensity of use.
If there are matte stains on the surface, the countertop is no longer shiny and smooth, and the liquids are absorbed instead of accumulating on the surface, you should immediately apply a new surface of oil-wax to the countertop. Failure to follow these recommendations may result in the formation of permanent stains from coloring substances and stains! Impregnation should be carried out once a year or more frequently.

For daily care and removal of stubborn dirt, we recommend using Osmo wax cleaner and wax care (No. 3029).
The impregnation oil can be purchased from the manufacturer (Osmo) or from us (care kit). Instructions for applying a colorless oil-wax (Osmo 3058):
1. Remove any dirt with a damp cloth or the above-mentioned agent.
2. Gently sand the wood surface with P240 abrasive paper. The wood should be sanded along the grain - sanding across it may cause scratches.
3. Wipe the worktop with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust.
4. With a cotton cloth, apply a thin layer of oil-wax so as to thoroughly cover the entire surface of the countertop.
5. After about half an hour, gently wipe off any excess oil-wax with the same cloth.
6. Leave to dry for 24 hours. Provide good ventilation in the room.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 two or three times until you get the desired result.
8. After the last layer of oil-wax has dried, polish the entire surface along the grain of the wood.
If the tabletop requires re-application of a colored agent, please contact sklep@szyszkadesign.pl to order a product of the appropriate color.