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We offer attractive terms of cooperation, we provide you with all the help you need for visualisation and decision-making process of the end customer. Below you will find 3D models of our products and our current catalogue. We can provide samples of wood finishes, upholstery and our catalog in paper form free of charge.

Piko chair

Made of solid wood with a curved backrest. Available with a wooden or upholstered seat.

Piko barstool

Designed and made to stand out from the crowd. We have combined the minimalism characteristic of us with the light influences of the 1960s design with exceptional durability and ergonomics, so important in this type of furniture. This is Piko.

Piko armchair

The Piko armchair is a continuation of the Piko series. The sharp line of the legs is broken by soft, delicate cushions that beg you to immerse yourself in them.
We have combined the minimalism characteristic of us with the light influences of the 1960s design with exceptional durability and ergonomics, so important in this type of furniture.

Flux barstool

The Hoker Flux impresses with a light, balanced form. The rounded trim on the legs and supports are reminiscent of tree branches. Different heights of leg support allow the use of the stool even by the smallest household members. Each bar stool is handcrafted by skilled carpenters, without the use of CNC machines.

Flux chair

The in-house nature of each copy is emphasized by the fact that we do not use CNC machines for its production. All transitions, curves, connections and details are hand carved. Therefore, please be aware that no two copies are alike.

Hoya chair

The Hoya chair is characterized by soft, smooth lines. HOYA is subtlety and delicacy with a strong accent. A large, contoured leaf-shaped backrest gives it comfort and character. The chair is light and ergonomic.

Piko sofa

Our most recognizable project Piko now as a couch!
Simple, geometric yet elegant shape with noticeable influence of the 60’s. All that paired with natural top-quality materials makes it a unique, memorable item.

Piko footstool

Footstool Piko is a perfect complement for Armchair or Sofa Piko. It’s minimalistic and the 1960s like design is combined with exceptional durability and ergonomics.

Farmhouse table

The Farmhouse table, thanks to its simple, classic form, will work well in any interior, introducing a warmer, home atmosphere. We owe it to the fact that it is made of 100% solid wood, with a massive 4 cm thick top made of the highest quality material at the forefront.

Classico table

Classic table in the Provencal style. The 2 cm thick solid top is supported by hand-turned legs. The folding of the top edge adds extraordinary elegance to the whole. Other shapes of legs are also possible on request.

Hairpin table

Legendary mid-century legs in a set with a beautiful solid wood top. Delicate steel legs make the table light in form, despite the thick, four-centimeter top. Available in many sizes and finishes.

Stalove table

Stalove is a modern table in an industrial style, perfect for the kitchen, dining room or office. For a more intrusive look, opt for a rough finish on the legs. For elegant interiors try to choose satin stainless steel legs. Add two extras if you need more space. Available in many materials, colors and finishes.

Nero table

The perfect combination of the best quality materials and a simple, minimalist shape makes Nero the definition of the Scandinavian style. Very durable and solid construction. For those who need more space from time to time, Nero is available in a fold-out version without dividing the tabletop.

Pacto table

Pacto is a real master in the use of space. A tiny, neat table that, when unfolded, can accommodate a lot of company.

Versus table

A table on a centrally located frame, giving you the freedom to arrange the chairs. A posture in the form of two or three letters V, intertwined, one of which is made of wood and the other is made of steel.

Dix table

Maintained in a light, modern style, the Dix solid wood table is an excellent proposition for interior lovers, designed in accordance with minimalist trends. Perfect for any dining room, giving it a unique atmosphere.

Hoya table

The Hoya table is the result of our arduous search for a light form made 100% of wood. In the maze of constructions based on powder coated steel, Hoya is definitely a niche project.

Rosto table

One of a kind round table made entirely of solid wood.
We payed extra attention to make it extendable and save the clean, minimalistic design at the same time.

Rosto chest of drawers

Spacious Rosto chest of drawers, tailored to your needs. It can be equipped with a lockable cabinet or drawers. The photos show only examples of the configuration possibilities of the cabinet, we can make it to any size.

Rosto TV-cabinet

The Rosto cabinet impresses with its simplicity. The body made of solid wood harmonizes perfectly with the black lacquered partition and the base. We have one large common space behind the door, thanks to which the Rosto wooden cabinet will store even the largest audio equipment.

Flux bookcase

A delicate and simple bookcase is the perfect complement to a table and chairs set. The rack supports smoothly pass into the next shelves. Despite being made of solid oak or European walnut wood, the piece of furniture delights with its light form. Everything is hand-processed, like the rest of the furniture in the Flux collection.

Ago TV-cabinet

The Ago cabinet owes its unique appearance to its asymmetrical form. The body of the cabinet based on a triangle is supported on a delicate steel frame. In the cabinet, we also have a shelf and a triangular door, behind which you can hide a few small items.

Hoya console table

The Hoya console is the result of the needs of our customers. Light, delicate, and at the same time slim design makes it impossible to pass by indifferently. Thanks to the drawer on the runners, Blum is even more functional. Pampered in every way, it is like a small work of art.

Analog TV-cabinet

A minimalist, industrial model of a TV cabinet supported on a simple, powder-coated steel frame. It fits into the vast majority of modern interiors.
Available in many sizes and colors. Equipped with two drawers on Blum runners with a push-to-open system.

Pesca TV-cabinet

A TV cabinet with a herringbone pattern as the leitmotif of the door fronts. The furniture is made entirely of oak wood with one small exception - two European walnut boards, which we have integrated into the above-mentioned fronts, each at a different height, thus breaking the so far undisturbed symmetry of the whole.

Lino TV-cabinet

The Lino series was created to create one-of-a-kind items. Characteristic, designed so that recognition of the author does not require a signature or a burnt logo. The Lino cabinet catches the eye with its original finish of the fronts, which bring to mind wavy, delicate material.

Rosto console table

The minimalist Rosto desk on a steel base is a great choice for a home office. The Rosto oak desk is equipped with two drawers on Blum tip-on runners, which will accommodate office accessories.

Hoya shelving system

The HOYA shelving system gives you complete freedom in building your own furniture. Build a rack of any height and width, build a corner, arrange different levels. Place it against a wall or in the center of the room. HOYA is perfect as a bookcase or a place for tableware.

Piko desk

One of the most important factors in creating a desk is practicality. The Piko oak desk was created with ergonomics in mind, it has been equipped with compartments for better organization of the workplace.

Flux desk

A desk made of solid American walnut wood, standing on beautiful hourglass legs. Equipped with a retractable tray for pens, paper, laptop or computer keyboard. Our goal was to create a form that is simple but distinctive. Something elegant and harmonious, but also charismatic.

Rosto desk

The minimalist Rosto desk on a steel base is a great choice for a home office. The Rosto oak desk is equipped with two drawers on Blum tip-on runners, which will accommodate office accessories.

Ago coffee table

Absolutely unique and unmistakable coffee table. Geometric but not minimalist. Elegant and unique. The body is made of solid wood, connected with a frame made of a stainless steel rod, polished to a high gloss. Designed and manufactured with attention to every detail for those who appreciate it.

IO coffee table

One of a kind round coffee table. The table top is glued in an original way, requiring the highest precision and careful workmanship. Accents such as the grain forming a wave running around the top make IO an extraordinary piece of furniture. Unique in every way if you can see details.

Stolik Ago

Absolutne wyjątkowy i niepodrabialny stolik kawowy. Geometryczny, lecz nie minimalistyczny. Elegancki i niepowtarzalny. Korpus wykonany z litego drewna, połączony z ramką wykonaną z pręta ze stali nierdzewnej polerowanej na wysoki połysk. Zaprojektowany i wyprodukowany z dbałością o każdy detal dla tych, którzy to doceniają.

Simply II coffee table

Simply II is a variation of our standard Simply table - the modified frame structure allows for easy cleaning of the floor. We also offer the Simply II table in two variants of the top thickness (2 and 4 cm) and with an optional shelf (shelf thickness 2 cm). It can be made to any size.

Simply coffee table

A minimalist, "basic" model of a coffee table supported on a simple, powder-coated steel frame. It fits into the vast majority of modern interiors.

Rosto bedside table

The Rosto bedside table is the perfect complement to the bedroom equipment. The delicate, unobtrusive form will work in any decor. The inside body makes it light. Equipped with one drawer, made of plywood, on Blum guides with the tip-on system.

Flux bedside table

The soft, round lines of the Flux series also appeared in the bedside table. The Flux bedside table has a spacious drawer on Blum slides with the tip-on system. The curved edges of the cabinet give it subtlety.

Lino bedside table

To arrange a cozy bedroom with a Lino bed in the lead role, we only needed neat, functional bedside tables from the same collection. The Lino bedside table has one drawer on Blum slides.

Flux bed

A bed is a place where you spend about 1/3 of your life. It's good to have the best. The Flux bed is made entirely of solid wood, covered with natural high-quality oil. Very simple shape, matching the other models in our Flux collection. Soft edges give lightness to a solid and stable 4 cm thick bed frame.

Lino bed

The Lino bed was created as a continuation of the Lino series, characterized by hand-carved fronts, while in the bed we put on a carved headboard. We left the other elements as simple as possible, so that they do not distract from the beautiful, gentle shapes of the headrest.

Catalog 2022

Collection 2022 in the English edition. Only the best design.

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