Szyszka Design J. Barejka, B. Piotrowski civil partnership is implementing a project entitled "Activities promoting furniture produced by the SZYSZKA DESIGN company on foreign markets." The project is co-financed by the European Funds under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 3.3 Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises, sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands - Go to Brand.

Short description of the project:
The subject of the project is the Applicant's participation in the furniture industry promotion program, aimed at effective promotion of the Applicant's activities and products on the international arena and active participation in the promotion of the Polish Economy Brand abroad. The markets selected in the project include countries such as: USA, Germany, of which 1 selected market (USA) is a prospective market.

The scope of the project includes:
A. Obligatory actions:
1.participation in trade fairs - the Applicant will take part in 3 trade fairs:
a.IMM Cologne, Germany 2019
b. Ambiente fair - Messe Frankfurt, Germany 2019
c. International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), USA 2019
2. The applicant will also purchase in 2019 1 the required advisory service in the field of preparation of entry to the selected prospective market (USA), in connection with participation in the ICFF, USA 2019 fairs taking place on this market. Optional activities:
In 2019, the applicant will purchase one (1) training service in the field of internationalization of the entrepreneur on a selected prospective market (USA), in connection with participation in fairs taking place on this market (ICFF USA 2019).
C. The applicant will also benefit from complementary types of promotional activities in which he has taken into account:
a. purchase of decorative elements taking into account the assumptions of the visualization of the Polish Economy Brand, i.e. the MPG promotional panel during participation in all fair events during the project
b. producing printed informational and promotional materials (catalogs),
d. preparation and translation of the applicant's website
The Applicant plans to finance the project mainly from the funds granted as subsidies, paid in the form of advance payments and the remaining part from the Applicant's own funds.

Project goals:
The aim of the project is the effective promotion of the Applicant on the international arena, including the introduction of products to the first prospective market, starting the export sale of products being the subject of the project and the increase in total exports.
The quantitative effects of the project are: number of commercial contracts (3), revenues from the export of products being the subject of the project (equal to the total value of exports): PLN 435 938, as well as: participation in 3 trade fairs, purchase of 1 training service, purchase of 1 consulting service in internationalization of activities.
The qualitative effects of the project are: promoting products on the international arena, winning new markets, including a prospective country, establishing new business contacts and gaining new foreign customers, and signing new trade agreements in export.
The achieved results of the project will contribute to the increase of the Applicant's export activity, the commencement of export sales and the acquisition of new export countries.
Planned effects:
Number of foreign trade contracts signed by enterprises supported in the field of internationalization (pcs): 3
Revenues from the sale of products for export: PLN 435,938
Revenues from export sales of products being the subject of the project: PLN 435,938

project value (eligible expenses): PLN 373,800.00
contribution of European Funds: PLN 317 730.00